Project Description

Where efficiency, low cost, and reliable control of the electrial motor drive are a concern, the sensorless Field Oriented Control (FOC), also known as vector control, provides the best solution.
The term “sensorless” denotes, in comparison to other drives from the same category of field oriented control, that the speed and/or position sensor is missing. This feature decreases the cost of the drive system, which is always desired, but this is not the only reason for this approach, as some applications have requirements concerning the size, and the lack of additional wiring for sensors or devices mounted on the shaft, due to hostile environments such as high temperature, corrosive contacts, etc..

From the multitude of possible applications, some require the achievement of high speed while having a high torque value only at low speeds. Two applications needing this requirement are washing machines in consumer applications and traction in power train applications.

At APPCON TECHNOLOGIES we master this control aspect through a technological approach known as “field weakening.”

At APPCON TECHNOLOGIES, we have extended the range of motors on which the sensorless control can be implemented:

  •        Permanent magnet synchronous motors
  •        Switch reluctance motors
  •        Brushless DC motors
  •        AC induction motors