About Us

Company Overview
Created in 2004, APPCON TECHNOLOGIES s.u.a.r.l is an engineering R&D laboratory that develops and manufactures technologically advanced and innovative electronic prototypes for the control of electrical motor systems.
At APPCON TECHNOLOGIES, we are dedicated to providing you with sharp technological knowledge and know-how to help you turn your ideas into innovative, highly reliable and competitive products.
Our customers
Our solutions have already demonstrated strong reliability on several manufacturers’ serial products. By the principle of uncompromising discretion and privacy for our customers, we cannot reveal the names of our customers. Nevertheless, we are proud to say that the quality of our services and solutions earned us the trust of leaders of the electrical and electronics industries.

Our team
At APPCON TECHNOLOGIES, we are a team of highly skilled engineers who are strongly committed to quality and to technological breakthroughs watch in order to insure the implementation of the best solution to your needs. Besides the technical skills, our team holds developed communication faculties in the three languages: English, French and German.